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A Guide In Buying A Baby Video Monitor


Finding the best baby monitor is important because its main purpose is to monitor the safety and security of your baby. There are many things that need to be considered before buying one so that you can have all the features you need and so that your money will not be wasted.
Transmission type
There are two types of transmission and these are analog and digital. Baby monitors run on different frequencies like 49MHz, 900MHz, and 2.4GHz. Analog types are cheaper but these types have shorter range and are more open to interference. If you have enough budget, it will be better to buy the digital ones because these types have longer signal range and reception is interference-free. You can find more details on best baby monitor on the site http://www.top10babymonitors.net.
Parent unit
The parent unit comes with LCD screen that varies in size. You may choose a large screen so you can see your baby more but medium-sized screen is adequate enough. Some models are already hi-tech because it is already touch screen but it is more expensive than other models.
New models of baby monitors are extremely portable that actually look like mobile phones that you can carry around anywhere you go. Some models have kick-out stand or belt clips so you can attach it to your belt.
Night vision
One great feature of video baby monitors is its night vision capability. When your baby’s room has very low light or even really dark, the infrared LED lights will allow you to see your baby at a certain range. Some models will let you see up to 10 feet and others even up to 20 feet.
Two-way talk back feature
This is another cool feature of baby monitors that you should have. If this is available, you will be able to talk to your baby even if you are not really in the room. It will be fun when you will hear them react on your voice.

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